★ Stars & Hearts ❤

If you ever bump onto me on a random day some where, chances are I will be wearing something very casual and comfy. Something very similar to what I am wearing here. I have a special place in my heart for prints and patterns, and stars are one of my favourite prints on tees after breton strips. I loved the way the stars slowly transition into hearts near the hem of the shirt. I also loved that the tee fits on your busts and flares all the way down.

I love sporting racer back tees, especially in Mumbai, because it is always so hot and humid here. If you are wondering what sort of bra to wear underneath such deep racer backs then you can check this bandeau here, or you can pin the two straps of your bra together on your back using a safety pin and tuck it behind the racer back. I am wearing a bandeau I got from forever 21.

These shorts will always will always have a very special place in my wardrobe because this was the first thing I bought when I had first come to Mumbai, before I actually started living here. I thrifted it from a road side stall at Hill Road, Bandra and guess how much it was for? I will give you time to think... Go on....

It was for Rs 150/- :D hahaha I know right?

What I am wearing:
  • Tee: Cult Fiction, find it online here.
  • Shorts: Thrifted, Hill Road Bandra.
  • Shoes: Steve Madden, Spiked Jelly Beans. Also featured here.
  • Necklace: Forever 21. 
Photography by the super talented Kushal Gandhi. You can check out his work and follow him on instagram @gandhikushal 

What are your favourite comfy cloths?