Top 10 Workout Videos on Youtube

I am not the most consistent when it comes to exercising, but whenever I do I always rely on Youtube. I remember watching Zuzana, from Body Rock.Tv. She was one of the first "fitness guru" I ever watched back in 2009 and that's how I found workout videos on youtube. I have a lot favourite workout videos that I like to sweat it out with, and here are my top 10 ones.

10.  7-minute Workout

You can't have any excuse to take 7 minutes out of your schedule to exercise, can you? If you don't work out at all, you can start with this routine. I love that it has breaks, breaks are my favourite.

9. Weight Loss Yoga for Beginners by Tara Stiles

Tara stiles's channel was one of the first yoga channels I had discovered many years ago, and I still go back whenever I can't fall asleep. She has some amazing morning and night yoga routines, and her weight loss yoga for beginners is one of my favourtie routines from her.

8. Tone it up Bikini Body Routine

The tone it up girls, Karena and Katrina, are THE instructors if you are looking forward to getting bikini ready this summer.

7. Fat Frying Bikini Workout

FitSugar has some really good workout videos, and this one is one of my favourites.

6. Dance with Julianne Cardio Ballroom
This workout might look like it's easy, but it is a lot more difficult than you think it is. She makes the poses seem to easy and effortless. I have never finished this routine and I am out of breath in the first 20 minutes, but its a lot of fun dancing with her nonetheless.

5. Victoria Secret Model Abs by Blogilates

Casey is so much fun to workout with, she is so lively, relatable and motivating. I love her fun and energetic workouts, especially the cardio ones with popular songs. This one is amazing if you want to tone your abs.

4. 30 Days Shred
This is something that I am proud of because this is the only workout schedule that I kept up with and you can read more about it here.

3. 6 weeks 6 packs
This has 2 levels, each for 3 weeks and if you keep up with her instructions, I think you can see a difference on your core muscles. I don't think you'll get ripped abs after this, but you'll definately see the results. This is another routine that I actually finished, and really enjoyed. Fair warning though, Jillian is tough!!

2. Pump It Up
This is one of my all time favourite workouts, and would actually be number one in this list if I hadn't found Adriene's channel. I love dancing with Deanne, and the music in this video is amazing. The outfits worn by the dancers are a little bit raunchy and very 80s, because this was inspired by the "Call on me" music video, which is very racy. You'll burst that heart rate and get an amazing cardio with this. You'll love working out with this routine. Did I mention that there are a good amount of pelvic thrusting involved in this workout? hahah. :D

P.S: It's so funny to watch the only guy in the video!!

1. Yoga with Adriene

This is the routine that I currently am obsessed with and this is the first day of the #30daysofyoga with Adriene and I will let her explain what this is in the following video.

Are you planning on working out with anyone of the videos I shared? Which one did you like the most?