If you read this post, you would have already known that this year I decided to live my life rather than sulk all day in my office desk. So I chose spending time with my loved ones and decided to finally visit two of my closest friend's city. I had heard SO MUCH about this place, so many stories, the food, the cleanliness, and honestly it was on of the best places that I've ever been. The kids who grew up in this town must be so lucky, no wonder the highest number of Indian Athletes hail from Jamshedpur. As my friend was driving me around the city and we passed by the Tata Sports stadium, I saw a bunch of kids practising archery. I asked her to stop the car so that I could admire them practising their skill. It was spectacular.

My parents also fell in love with the city and with the hospitality. My mom also tried bowling for the first time there, and she absolutely loved it. She is such a fun person to hang around with, I love travelling with her, and seeing her getting so excited when she knocked down her first pin made me feel incredibly happy. I even made her pose for an OOTD picture, as you can see, I thought she looked so fresh in her bottle green shirt (I have the same one) and her light blue denims. My dad was pretty excited too, and he usually doesn't get to come along with us to such short trips, and I was so happy that he came along with us. Look at him smiling and posing for pics. So cute. :P

It was a little cold there, so I wore my favourite pink sweater, made by mummy, with this infinity scarf that I made myself. I just bought a satin cloth that I liked, and glued the ends together to make it an infinity scarf. We had a lot of walking to do, and my slip on sneakers from Forever21 got a lot of use in this trip. I love that it kept my feet warm, and looked good with everything that I wore.

Meeting my friends, Nancy and Karishma, at their hometown was such an amazing experience. I stayed over at Nancy's and we literally talked till it was 4am, just like college days. Also, I'd like you guys to meet Judo, Karishma's 2 year old German Shepherd with the world's cutest doggy ears. He is such a playful, friendly, cuddly little monster. Judo is so full of energy, always hyper. I still remember when we walked into her house, he was so excited that he and ran jumped onto a cane sofa and fell along with it. It was hilarious. Look at that puppy face, such a munchkin.

I am definitely going back to try the dosas there. It was such a short trip that I missed so many experiences. The local best selling food, the dam and so many other things.

I hope you enjoyed reading this first instalment of the travelogue series, here on All She Needs. As I travel, I'll be writing and sharing more such experiences and memories with you guys.

What is the best place that you've ever travelled too?