"I am so happy that the weather is starting to get warm again", said no Mumbaikar ever. Nevertheless, I just felt like adding a bit of colour and eyeshadow back into my life. This whole month, and the previous, I didn't wear any eye shadow, at all. It was just winged liner and lashes, but as I was on my way to increase the fan speed, just so that I don't sweat of my makeup while I am doing it, I decided to add some violet on my lids. On my eyes I just have the Maybelline Color Tatoo in Painted purple, with a little bit of blue in the inner corner, just to have that really nice transition. I dabbed a little bit of the shade called Water Resistant from the Deborah Milano Eye Shadow Stick, and added a light shimmery purple eye shadow dust by Oriflame into my inner corner. I din't add any kohl or liner to my lashes, and just put a lot of Loreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara. Since a lot is happening on my eyes, I just applied one layer of the Soap and Glory Sexy Motherpucker (love the name) gloss on my lips. I love that frizzy, effervescent feeling on my lips whenever I apply this. I can actually feel my lips plumping up, it's feels weird but so good.

I also really wanted to put my hair up in a Milkmaid braid, I have been wanting to try this hairdo for a long time but I never actually put my hair up that often. It is usually left down or in a messy side braid. I just parted my hair in the back into two, braided them into dutch braid and pinned it on my crown. I took out a few pieces of hair just to frame my face a little, and pinned my bangs to give that side swept look.

I also donned this pretty floral print body con dress, from Forever21, because I was feeling very Springy. I love paring my V necklace with round neck tops/dresses, I just love the contrast. The necklace is also from Forever21. I tried taking a full length picture of the dress but it was just not possible indoors, and the watchman didn't let me take pictures outside.

I don't understand why is everyone so against photography. If they see a professional camera, they immediately shove you out of a campus, be it gardens, parks, societies, street, buildings, beach. It is so difficult to take a decent OOTD picture outside, unless you scout a place weeks in advance, here in Mumbai. Ok I will stop ranting now.

How's the weather at your place right now? Tell me in the comments down below!

Also, thumbs up to anyone who can get the title reference! ;) :P