Being Comfortable with your OOTDs

Jeans and tees, the perfect outfit for when you are in a rush. For me style is being comfortable, and a casual jeans and tee is the most easy and comfortable thing you can throw on if you just have a few errands to run or have a chill day at home.

In this outfit, I paired a graphic mustard tee from Cult Fiction with one of my favourite pair of jeans from Zara. This buttery off white jeans is honestly the most comfortable item in my wardrobe, but my favourite part of this outfit is the shoes.

I've searched for a pair of slip on sneakers high and low and finally found it at Forever 21. I almost ordered the New Look ones from ASOS but they went out of stock and I had heard some bad reviews on ASOS delivery/customer service to India, so dropped that idea. These shoes are insanely comfortable, they look so chic, and I could walk miles wearing them.

Sometimes I get very disheartened when I look at people with perfect wardrobes and OOTDs every single day, I wish I had such good styling skills. But, I think the key is to be comfortable with what you already have and make the best out of it. I might not have the world's best collection of shoes, tees and dresses, but I am really comfortable with what I wear and own and you should be too. It's easy to get influenced into buying that one pair of shoes or bag that everyone is carrying, even though it's way out of your budget, but I think it's okay to not follow the trend and make the most with what you own already. Don't compare yourself, you are stylish in your own way. So, rock that simple jeans and tee shirt and wear it with a big smile on your face.

Wish you all a very happy women's day!

What makes you feel comfortable?

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