Results: Happy Hair Challenge With Garnier Fructis

Garnier Fructis Triple Strength Shampoo review
Garnier Fructis Triple Strength Shampoo reviewGarnier Fructis Triple Strength Shampoo review

30 days ago I accepted the #happyhairchallenge by Garnier Fructis and embarked on this hair journey. Read this post first before you continue reading this one.

I have been travelling a lot this month; while the bed, food, water, temperature has changed, my hair routine hasn't. I have been ardently using the new Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Strengthening Shampoo and conditioner every single time I have washed my hair (mostly every 3-4 days).

The shampoo lathers incredibly well if your hair is clean. If your hair has a lot of product build up, dirt and/or oil it takes two washes for the shampoo to lather well and clean your hair thoroughly. The shampoo really cleans the hair well without the squeaky dry after feeling. You can almost feel the oils in your hair because the hair feels very smooth and separated after rinsing the shampoo out. It feels like there is a layer of oil clinging on your strands but without making it feel oily, dense or heavy.

If you've read the post from a month ago, you might already know what was the condition of my hair then, and here's how my hair feels now:

I always used a generous amount of the triple strength conditioner on my clean, damp hair starting from the ear, till the ends. I used more of the conditioner than the shampoo and it's almost done halfway. The conditioner is not very thick out of the bottle and it spreads through the hair really nicely. It will weigh your hair down if you go over board with it though. The conditioner makes your hair feel very soft and it detangled my hair well. I haven't used any leave in conditioner on my hair while I was using these two and I still didn't need any product to detangle my hair.

Even though my hair felt extremely smooth I felt that my hair felt a little dehydrated and the ends looks very dry. The conditioner also leaves an oily layer clinging onto your strands, which ultimately leaves your hair feeling and looking soft and shiny. This is why I think my hair feels soft but looks dry since the product doesn't actually penetrate into your strands. I have also seen an increase in dandruff in my hair ever since I've started using this. This usually happens when I use highly moisturising shampoos or conditioners. My hair also dries very frizzy and braids were the only escape I had. I don't know if you've noticed it in my Instagram (@debasreee) but I've been wearing my hair in braids a lot this month.

I also had mild hair fall because of breakage and it has reduced from what it was before because the conditioner detangled my hair really well and my hair feels really really soft & looks shiny even though it's frizzy. I wouldn't call it the most moisturising of all the conditioners out there, but for Rs 135, I think you get pretty good result.

I'll be very happy to continue using the shampoo and conditioner and finish the bottle and recommend it if you're looking for a good nourishing shampoo in the affordable range. The size and packaging of the shampoo and conditioner is also great for travelling as it's light weight and leak proof. Saved me a lot of trouble at the airport.

Have you tried the new Garnier Fructis triple nutrition strengthening shampoo and conditioner? If not, would you want to?

I am wearing the Loreal Pure Red Lipstick in Pure Amaranthe by Gongli on my lips. 

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