Lakme Mint Julep

There was a time when I was searching high and low for mint nail polishes and couldn't find the shade I wanted any where until I found Mint Julep by Lakme Absolute gel stylist. This is a gel nail polish, which supposedly is glossier and lasts longer than regular polishes. The only thing that attracted me towards this is the colour and everything else was a turn down.

The nail polish is very pigmented so you get a opaque finish in one sweep, but the polish is very thick and you get a very streaky application. When you pay Rs 400 for a nail polish, you expect it to have really good bristles and proper application. Since the nail polish goes on really thick on your nails, it chips off the edges really soon.

I thought only this shade could have been like this so I went ahead and got another shade from this shade called Scarlet Red, and it's the same with this shade as well.

I am highly disappointed with this range but in love with the shade. If you are looking for a cool mint nail polish in the Indian market, I think Mint Julep would be the perfect shade, but don't keep your expectations too high formula wise.

What are your thoughts on gel nail polishes? Have you tried the Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist range? 

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