The Best way to Shave your Legs

The best way to shave your legs without dealing with itchiness or rashes.

I think I've finally found the best way to shave my legs and I wanted to share it with you.

Here are the steps that I like to take to ensure the perfect shave:

Before Shaving: The best time for me to shave my legs is during a hot shower. Hot water softens the hair and lifts it up. I also like scrubbing my body before I start shaving to lift all of my hair up. You can use The Forest Essentials Rupam Body Cleansing Paste, this is one of my favourite scrubs, or you can make your own by blending 2-3 spoon full of dry red lentils in a blender and use that to scrub your body. This is what I have been using ever since I've finished my forest essentials scrub. You can also use oats if you have sensitive skin.

While Shaving: Slather olive or coconut oil (or any other oil you are comfortable with) all over your damp legs and massage it really well. Use a fresh/sharp razor every time you shave, and shave it on the same direction as your hair so that they don't grow back prickly. If you have really thick hair, especially near the ankles, you can shave against the direction just so you get a closer shave. Wash the razor under a running tap after every sweep to make sure you get a close shave.
You can also use your hair conditioner for this step, but I prefer oils because they are much more slippery than conditioners and they linger on my legs longer. The razor pictured here is the Gillette Venus Razor.

After Shaving: Follow it up with a very moisturising body butter like the Body Shop Hemp Body Butter after you are done shaving your legs. This will make sure that you don't get itchy once your hair starts growing back. Scrub your legs frequently, and apply moisturisers generously on the area that you've shaved. It tends to get really dry, so you need to moisturise it more than once a day. Try once after you shower and once before you go to sleep.

I used to hate shaving my legs, and my legs are full of scars left behind because of me scratching my legs ferociously after waxing or shaving. Even if you wax, you can follow the same before and after steps for your legs.

Do you prefer waxing or shaving your legs? 

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