The Bhutanese OOTD

I had an incredible opportunity to road trip all the way to Bhutan this month. Yay! I finally crossed India's Border. I have never travelled broad and sitting in my own car while crossing the Indo-Bhutan Border was so exciting for me.

I could already tell there was a difference between the two countries as soon as we entered Phuentsholing. The town was so well maintained, clean, and green. The border divides two very different cultures. My brother was stopped by the cops and fined for talking on the phone while driving. This is why I felt the difference ;) :D

When we entered the border town, I saw a lot of pretty ladies donning this beautiful wrap around skirt in various colours and strutted along the pavements. I almost immediately started looking for shops that sold this traditional attire as a souvenir for my trip. 

I found it at a tiny shop on the lane parallel to the border gate for BTN 350 only. They had a lot of traditional prints, colours, and materials. The one I initially liked was for BTN 1400 and I wasn't ready to spend that much on something I wouldn't wear so often. It was thick and made out of a silky woollen material and is usually worn during the winters only.  This is where I learned that the skirt was actually called Kira. What a beautiful name. I chose an ink blue Kira with traditional bhutanese designs on it. They had it in red, purple, green and blue. I recognised a fish and a dragon on the print, can you see anything else?

I was wearing a leggings underneath the Kira just because I was too paranoid about the lace on my waist untying itself and the skirt falling off of my legs. However, the lace is pretty long and it helped me tie the Kira around my waist securely.

The right way to wear the Kira is in first picture, where the end is in the front, unlike the second picture. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Have you ever travelled to Bhutan? I am so glad that I could and I wish I had bought more Kiras since I love this one so much. 

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