The Pore-fessional

pro balm to minimise the appearance of pores on your skin.
Benefit the Pore fessional, Minimises the appearance of pores on your skin.

Benefit Cosmetic's the Pore-fessional really works. It is a tinted primer, which helps in minimising the appearance of pores on your skin, increases the longevity of foundations, and ensures a matte finish throughout the day. A little goes a long way with this primer, and it fills in the large open pores, resulting in a very velvety smooth finish on the skin. The texture of the primer is dry, creamy and balmy. It feels very silicony, it's like the feeling you get once you've scrubbed your skin after many days.

The primer is essentially a crack filler, it improves uneven texture on your skin and makes a perfect canvas for your foundation. This product only minimises the "appearance" of pores and pores don't actually go away.

The pore-fessional is very long lasting, it lasts really long on my oily skin and I love wearing this whenever I have a long day or a special occasion where I don't want my makeup to slip off my face. It also really helps in keeping my face shine free. Since it is tinted, you can also wear it on it's own, perfect for "no makeup, makeup" looks. The primer turns translucent when you apply so it looks like your skin but better.

It is priced at £24.50 at and you can buy it online here. You can also buy Benefit cosmetics from Sephora at Delhi and Pune.

What are your thoughts on primers?


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