The Side Braid

The #happyhairchallenge has left my hair feeling really soft but frizzy and braids were my only resort to escape the frizziness. I had a wonderful time travelling to Bhutan (more on that coming soon) and this was my go to hairstyle when I was travelling.

I love braids, and I love trying out new ways to braid my hair and the side braid is my newest obsession all thanks to Fleur from Fleurdeforce. This adds a really nice detail when your hair looks really flat or frizzy,  and it takes less than 5 minutes to braid.  It's great for those days you don't have time to look put together.

If you wish to recreate this side braid, you can watch Fleur's Video down below. She shared 3 of her most worn braids and I loved them all, especially this one since it's the easiest. She wore it as a ponytail and I think it looked really cute. Like she said, this would be really cute with a jeans and a tee shirt or you could even dress it up and wear it with a dress for a night out.

Since a lot of you requested a tutorial on my Instagram, I decided to share this with you guys. I hope you like this video and found a new beauty youtuber to watch if you didn't know her already. She is one of my favourites, been watching her since the very beginning.

Do you like wearing your hair in braids?

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