Mekhela Chador

I thought of following up the Six Yards post with another on of my favourite Indian ethnic attire, the Mekhela Chador. Some of you might have heard of it and some of you might be clueless. For those of you who have never heard of it before, Mekhela Chador is a traditional Assamese attire, which is made up of two parts; the bottom portion is called Mekhela, which is worn like a skirt and pleated on the right side (as opposed to the left side in a sari) and the top portion is called Chador, which is a long piece of cloth draped around the body, starting from the Mekhela in 3 triangular folds.

Mekhela Chadors are usually woven out of silk, mostly Muga Silk or Pat silk. The one that I am wearing is woven out of Pat silk. My babhi (sister-in-law) was wearing a Mekhela Chador woven out of Muga silk.

This set was gifted to me by my parents and I love it, I know I am going to cherish this my whole life. What I like most about this is that, unlike the conventional mekhela chadors, where the Mekhela and Chador have the same design on them, this one is contrasted with a bright indigo blue Mekhela and a golden Chador. I can wear the Chador with a lot of other Mekhelas as well. The earrings I am wearing are also traditional Assamese jewellery called Dhol Maduli. It's shaped in the form of a Dhol (hand held drum) is usually paired with a similar necklace (as seen on my babhi).

I matched my eye shadow with the Mekhela Chador and this look is very similar to the Peacock Eye video that I did, except I didn't wear the blue liner on my lower lashes. I am wearing the Miss Claire Lip Cream in No 01 on my lips. You can see a full swatch and review of the lip creams in this video.

I am really curious to know if you've heard of Mekhela Chador before or is this the first time you've heard of it, talk to me in the comments down below. 

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