Knockaround x All She Needs

I have been living in Mumbai for about 3 years now and I am still yet to fall in love with the monsoon here. I can never understand why would one love to drench themselves on their way to work or leave the freedom to wear white pants (or black) behind. Grey skies and cloudy days really pull my mood down, but there are days when the cloud plays hide and seek and the sun comes out, just for a few minutes, but the day gets better (and brighter) nevertheless. So when the sun came out, I took the plunge and strutted out of the house with my Knockaround clear moonshine sunglasses on.

Knockaround glasses are known to be very practical, durable and of course stylish. I am in love with the clear frame and the dual chrome Blue/Green glasses. I was confused if I wanted the blue one or green one more, so I got the dual chrome one. I also really wanted the red one and the grey one. Basically, I wanted them all.  

If you are interested in a pair, check out UpbeatzIndia's website and follow them on Instagram @upbeatzindia 
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Garnier Fructis Oil in Cream Review

Garnier Fructis Oil in Cream is a cream that nourishes and cares for your hair exactly like the way a hair oil would, without the greasiness. I loved that it comes in a tube which makes squirting out the product easy and less messy. It is essentially a light weight cream that you can apply pre or post wash. It

Pre-Wash: You can use this all over your hair and scalp, like you would apply regular hair oil, massage it and leave it on for as long as you want. You can keep it for an hour for a quick nourishment for your hair or leave it overnight for deep conditioning. Shampoo your hair as you would normally to rinse the cream off and apply conditioner.

Post-Wash: You could also use this on your damp or dry hair post wash, or even on days you haven't washed your hair. Just take a coin size amount (or more depending on your hair length) and apply onto the ends of your hair.

The cream feels extremely non sticky and is absorbed very fast. You can feel the difference on your hair immediately after you apply the oil in cream; your hair will get detangled, feel soft, moisturised, and extremely light and airy. You could walk out of the house and no one would know that you've applied oil onto your hair. You wont even get the urge to wash your hands off because it just goes of and actually moisturises your hands as well. (just make sure you wash your hands before you eat something though)

The oil in cream is formulated in India and was made after studying Indian hair types, problems and conditions. Will spill more on this in another post sharing my experience at Garnier's research and innovation centre.

If you are curious about what it is or how it works, I would suggest that you pick this one up right off the shelves, since it's just for Rs 60 for 100 grams.

This was a PR sample. All opinions are my own and 100% honest. 
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