Knockaround x All She Needs

I have been living in Mumbai for about 3 years now and I am still yet to fall in love with the monsoon here. I can never understand why would one love to drench themselves on their way to work or leave the freedom to wear white pants (or black) behind. Grey skies and cloudy days really pull my mood down, but there are days when the cloud plays hide and seek and the sun comes out, just for a few minutes, but the day gets better (and brighter) nevertheless. So when the sun came out, I took the plunge and strutted out of the house with my Knockaround clear moonshine sunglasses on.

Knockaround glasses are known to be very practical, durable and of course stylish. I am in love with the clear frame and the dual chrome Blue/Green glasses. I was confused if I wanted the blue one or green one more, so I got the dual chrome one. I also really wanted the red one and the grey one. Basically, I wanted them all.  

If you are interested in a pair, check out UpbeatzIndia's website and follow them on Instagram @upbeatzindia 

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