Breton Stripes and Sunny Days

If I could just wear one kind of top for the rest of my life, it would be breton striped. I could seriously wear them all day everyday. Days when I don't want to think twice about cloths, rushed out Mondays, period 1st days, days when I feel bloated, days when I am happy; basically breton stripes is bae.

There I said it, I used bae in a blog post, I am officially a wannabe teenager now. I used to hate that word, and now I cannot stop using it. Bae is bae. I use it as an abbreviation, before anyone else. Now scroll up and read the sentence again, fits right in doesn't it? Breton Stripes is bae, period. It's like the french fries for cloths. Since I don't have a sweet tooth, my comfort food is French Fries, and not ice cream. Do you get it? French fries = Breton Stripes? That's how much I love it.

Now sunny days, sunny days give me that warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach. I am so much more nicer than I am on a rainy day. I am helpful, kind, joyous, empathetic, productive, happy on sunny days. I get to wear my fake Ray ban shades (I have a real one too), flip flops, shorts, drink iced drinks, go out, live, enjoy, listen to kygo, listen to summer time sadness, dance, jump, and smile.

If you're still reading, you might be wondering, what's the point of this blog post? The point is, nothing. There is no point whatsoever. I am just vomiting out words/thoughts as they appear in my mind, which reminds me that I wanted to emphasise on that lace detail on the d├ęcolletage. How pretty is that? That's like the cherry on top of french fries.

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