How To Start A Blog; Photography Equipments for Blogging

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Good photographs will help you get noticed on Bloglovin, Pinterest, Instagram and help you gain a lot of page views. If you would want to start a toolkit for your own blog, this post will serve you as a guide on what to invest in.

A DSLR would be the best choice for you if you wish to capture really good quality photographs. For a beginner the Canon 600D is an amazing entry level camera. It has a flip screen too, so you could also use this record your videos. I started off using the Canon 550D, which is discontinued now, and have a Canon 60D now.

Do you want those dreamy blurred backgrounds and crisp images that you see on Instagram but aren't able to recreate it with your DSLR? It's not the camera, but the lens that does the trick. For a beginner I would highly recommend the 50mm lens f/1.8. It's very affordable, and gives you drool worthy pictures, even if you don't know the ABCs of photography. This lens will change your life forever. You can also go for the 30mm or 40mm pancake lens if you prefer a more universal lens. These are perfect for filming too.

You must have a tripod if you want to film or take a picture by yourself for your blog. If you are like me and are forever alone, tripod will be your best friend. Tripods are fairly inexpensive and are available almost on every online sites. Choose a tripod that best suits your budget and start clicking away.

How will you take your pictures on your own you ask? Use a remote to focus your picture without moving from your position, strike pose or start filming. Canon remotes are as cheap as Rs 300 on, so grab yourself one and you are one step away from the perfect selfies.

Memory Cards:
This is one thing that most of us don't pay enough attention to. Invest in a couple of 32gb memory cards and always keep them handy. DSLR videos and pictures are heavy files so invest in memory cards that have a faster recording rate. ( I don't know the exact technical term) I always buy the ones that have a "10" and "60mb/s" written on it.

Extra Battery:
Please buy an extra battery for your DSLR, especially if you film; You'll thank me for this one.

I love natural light. 7am to 10am and 4pm to 6pm is my favourite time to take pictures. Avoid the afternoons for that yellow tinge in your photos. If you want artificial lights go for umbrella lights or soft boxes. You can buy Phillips ring light for Rs 350 if you want that halo in your eyes. It's available at any electrical shop.

Anything can be your backdrop. If you like white background, try to find anything white in your house. I have used floors, dining tables, white satin petticoat (not kidding), towels, magazine, tables, blankets, cusions, bed sheets, etc. Just be creative and try for look for places to take pictures in.

Audio Recorder:
If you film videos, go for a lavelier microphone; Audio technica has an amazing one for just under Rs 2000, perfect for beginners. Search for it on

I use picmonkey and photoshop to edit my pics. If you want to add graphics then check out or make your own in Picmonkey. You could also try Adobe Lightroom.
You can check out what I edit my photos on my phone in my "What's on my phone" video.

Sara has a post on how you can self host on wordpress, buy your own domain and put your own theme in your blog. If you aren't good with coding and other techy stuff; this is for you.

Got anything to add to this? Talk to me in the comments down below. 

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