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A lot of you have asked me how do I manage the time to blog, work and make videos at the same time. I have a full-time job 5 days a week and only weekends to spare for my blog and youtube. This post will go hand in hand with my previous post "Planning and Scheduling Your Blog Posts"

Here's how you can successfully blog part time:

Get Organized.
Organizing is the key when it comes to part-time blogging. It will keep you stress-free and one step ahead of all your tasks. Organize everything that you need to run your blog.
These are a few things you can start with:
  • Pictures: Create online and offline folders for all your blog pictures. Create folders according to the month and subfolders with the name of the post respective to the pictures. Create 12 folders at once dedicated to all the months and then keep adding subfolders in them. Name your edited pictures immediately, and exactly as what it is so that you can always search for it later. Invest in an external hard drive to store pictures as they are usually heavy files and save the important ones (like header images, branding logos etc) online at Dropbox. 
  • Documents: Create Folders according to the genre of tasks you have for your blog viz. Invoices, Planners, Posts, etc. If you use a Mac create tags for different types of document. I like to tag all my financial documents green and create custom tags for documents I don't want to loose. Don't forget to save the important ones onto Dropbox so that you don't lose them. You can also archive documents and articles using Evernote. 
  • Mail: This is the most boring task for me but thankfully you only have to do it once and stay clutter free forever. Gmail has a new feature which automatically divides your mail according to their genres, but you can create your own folders specifying the mail type you want to filter out. Just go to settings > configure inbox and then choose what you want to add or remove. You can also create labels to filter out your mail. Just go to Gmail Settings> labels and create your own.

Few apps that will help you stay organized:
  1. Asana: Create tasks, projects, track your work and basically for getting shit done. 
  2. Trello: Another platform to create tasks, projects and keep track of them. 
  3. Evernote: Save everything from links, articles, create which lists, budgets, documents, checklists, blog drafts etc. 
  4. Pocket: When you want to read something later, you put it into Pocket. 
  5. IFTTT: Automate sharing and scheduling social media posts. 
  6. Wunderlist: Create Lists and never forget anything. 
  7. Dropbox: Save your files online and sync it anywhere. 
  8. Google Calendar: Keep track of all your appointments, tasks, due dates etc.
  9. Sunrise Calendar: This is made for Google Calender as well, used by a lot of offices to keep track of their workflow.
  10. Tweetdeck: This isn't a traditional application to stay organised but it's absolutely amazing to schedule tweets, manage multiple twitter a/cs, create & manage lists, keep track of trends, and basically just sort out twitter ahead of time so that you don't to work on it throughout the week. 
Set Goals.
Setting goals, both long term and short term, for your blog will help you immensely in how much and where you have to work. If you don't have a goal you're aiming towards you'll just be working away aimlessly without juicing out your actual potential. So create a goal that you want to achieve, it could be anything simple like 5 posts a week as a short time goal and 40l+ blog followers by the end of the year as a long time goal.

Allocate time for your blog and stick with it.
Designate a specific time for you to work on your blog every weekend and keep all the other plans away from this time. I prefer Saturday mornings to create new content for the week and Sunday evenings to create to-dos for the week and schedule content for the week. Allocating time will push you to work towards achieving your blog goals. 

Plan Ahead.
Always have a bulk of content ideas ready for you to share in your blog. Take inspiration from your day to day life, for example, you had a problem you've been trying to solve for a long time and finally found a solution, blog about a hobby you have, a new experience. Basically, curate and keep track of everything you can share. You can read this blog post for more.

Schedule Content & Automate Sharing.
Once you have your content ready, keep it scheduled for the rest of the week. This will save a lot of time and headache while you're at your job during the weekdays. Apps that I have mentioned above, IFTTT and Tweetdeck are perfect for automating pictures and tweets on your social media. Schedule three tweets for each blog post on TweetDeck and automate sharing pictures via IFTTT. Read my tutorial on how you can use IFTTT. Scheduling content in advance will be a lifesaver if you blog part time.

Be Passionate & have fun.
It could seem like a lot of work when you just have two days or just one day of the week to work on your blog. Some days you would want to party all night and laze in your bed the whole day, basically just Netflix and chill. So do this only if you are passionate and motivated. Don't let blogging become a chore for you and this is where setting goals come in handy. When you set goals for the week or month you automatically divide time for it and have the determination to achieve it. Also, don't forget to have fun while you're at it. Involve your friends and family in the process, this way they will also get the thrill of what you  do and you will get to spend time with them too. My dad is so excited about my Youtube Subscribers that he refreshes the page 5 times a day and messages me every time I reach a milestone.

If you want to transition into a full-time blogger, if you want to earn from your blog, see how PR collabs work and turn your blog into a business,  Sara has a post just for you. Read it here

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