I got to try the newest range at the body shop shelves this month, Virgin Mojito. This is a limited edition collection inspired by its namesake, the refreshing mocktail. The entire range smells very zesty, fresh, and minty. This is a summer range aimed at cooling you down and keeping you fresh the whole day. Here's what I thought of the range

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Body Scrub, Rs 1295/- for 250ml:
The scrub is very similar to the fuji green tea one. It is gel based, with micro granules and green beads infused with the fragrance of  lime and mint. The beads, although small, does a good job of scrubbing away dead skin and leaves you with a cooling/ tingling after feeling. This would be a perfect scrub for the summer, keep it away tucked away this winter.

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Body Butter, Rs 1095/- for 200ml: 
Finally a body butter you can slab on even in the Mumbai heat without being all sweaty and greasy. It is very creamy, light, and fast absorbing. I love the TBS body butters and this one will be great for you if you have oily to combination skin.

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Body Splash, Rs 1395/- for 300ml: 
This is very different from their usual body mists. The bottle has a flip and open lid and a hole for the product to come out. When I tried to use it first, I got way more than I needed and honestly I was confused about how to use it. It's actually fairly easy, you just have to splash it all over your body and let it air dry. The splash instantly leaves that cooling/tingling after effect and lets the zesty fragrance linger on you.

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