Your Beauty Regimen with Makeup Bingo

For young teens that have just started experimenting with cosmetics and girls that like to go au naturale, the world of makeup can be quite intimidating. The foundations, shimmers, primers, shadows and liners, such products can make the beauty process seem far more complex than it needs to be. With all the lines of cosmetics available, it’s really no wonder that on average we females spend around 55 minutes a day concealing blemishes and highlighting our best facial features. Part of the reason why we take so long to get our faces ready is because we’re using a chunk of that time just deciding the kind of look we want to go for and thinking about which of our products would best execute that look. Time is precious, and when there’s a way to shave off valuable minutes from your beauty routine, you should take it. And while you’re at it, why not turn your mirror time into a game of Makeup Bingo? Traditionally, the lottery style game offers a low-stakes alternative gambling method and entertainment to events and online platforms, but because of the large female demographic that currently plays bingo, many companies across a myriad of industries are using the game to appeal to new markets. From our obsession with Fashion Week giving birth to London Fashion Week Bingo, to feminine themes provided by online games, bingo is being reinvented across lots of different verticals. And now that we’ve found a way to insert bingo into our daily beauty regimen, it’s pretty clear that this game is here to stay. There are tons of websites that help you create custom bingo cards, but they can look rather boring since you can only use words to fill in the boxes. Make your DIY bingo card more visually attractive by using pictures of your makeup products, organizing each column into the following categories: Colors/Types of Eyeliner, Shades of Eyeshadows, Shades of Blush, Shades of Lipstick, and Makeup Styles. Once you’ve placed all your images, label the items in each column from one 1-5, and then you’re ready to play! Roll once per category and use the item according to the number rolled. If you roll a six, use that as a free choice for the column.

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