A Life Update

An update on the changes that I have had in my life recently. It is always a difficult decision when you have to leave a well-settled job to venture into doing what you truly love and enjoy.

This video is an honest, heart to heart discussion of just that.

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The Ombré dress

I have been eyeing this dress ever since I saw it displayed at the Phoenix Kurla Vero Moda store when the new Kangana Ranaut Marquee collection came out. I saw the mannequin wearing it and immediately fell in love with the colour scheme, the silhouette,  and the shape of the dress. I love the casualness a pocket can add to a dress. I am usually sold on one if it has a pocket. This dress has a unsymmetrical hemline, which I absolutely love as well. The material is so light, slightly clingy and yet you don't get a VPL. Another favourite aspect of the dress is the sleeves, they are perfect length, size and add the right amount of slouchiness to this dress.

I paired it with one of my FAVOURITE black and white heels from Charles and Keith. I could literally walk, stand and dance on them the entire day without getting me feet sore. AHMAZING!!!

Got both these during the sale for 50% off!

Also, this is totally irrelevant but I can actually see the difference in my legs ever since I have started exercising. You can see that my thighs have toned quite a lot in the second picture. When I saw the picture as soon as it was taken I was like Whoa!! Gotta do more of those squats now. :P

Dress: Marquee by Kangana Ranaut for Vero Moda
Shoes: Charles & Keith 

Let me know what you think about the look in the comments down below! Let's chat. xx 
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The Mint Skirt

Mint Skirt OOTD

Mint Skirt OOTD

Another one of those posts that matches my blog's theme. If you can't already tell I have a thing with the colour mint. This colour gives me zen. So when I found this skirt hung up inside a small store at Connaught Place market, swaying unnoticed, I ran towards it. The shopkeeper said it was for Rs 800 (which I would have gladly paid for the colour) and I haggled it down to Rs 300, after quoting Rs 100 first and walking out of the shop twice. STEAL!

The skirt is pleated, flowy and a tiny bit sheer. It was a little difficult for me style this, firstly because I don't wear skirts and secondly it was really difficult for me to pair it with something that wouldn't steal the show. Thought of a Breton striped top first, but it didn't mesh well. Tried a plain black top, but that took away the pastel essence from the look. Finally settled with a plain white tee and a necklace with mint accents paired with a nude stiletto.

Top: Zara
Skirt: Thrifted, Connaught Place Market, Delhi
Jewellery: Accessorize
Shoes: Forever 21

Let me know how you would style this look in the comments down below!
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Affordable & Best Makeup available online in India

I started a cool new project where I curated some of the products that are hard to find online in India and also the affordable ones in a Pinterest board. Since, most of you keep asking me where to buy the same things as me, I decided that this would be super useful and convenient for you and as well as me when you ask me where you can find something online.

 I'd also love to have some of you guys to collaborate in this board so that you can add awesome links too since it's you guys that let me know that this can be found here and that's found on this site. I have always found amazing products because of your recommendations. So if interested, leave me your email id in the comments down below and i'll add you to collaborate in this list. This is could be an awesome hub to find makeup online. Cool? See you there.

You can follow the board here:
Follow // Beauty Wishlist on Pinterest.
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ASUS Zenfone 2 laser

The picture was taken at night, indoors. Edited to remove reflection. 
The picture was taken in daylight. Not edited. 

The picture was taken in daylight. Not edited. 

Today's going to be a different kind of review here on All She needs; I am going to talk about a phone instead of a beauty product. This is the Zenfone 2 Laser phone which was sent out to me to try by ASUS. I have taken my time to review this phone as I wanted to actually use it and tell you guys what I think about it.

The phone runs on Android and I shall not indulge myself further in the technical nitty gritty of it as I am no expert, and leave you with only things that had me intrigued with this phone. 
I have been using iPhones since two years now and they always struggle with low light pictures, but this one has an impressive low-light camera. This phone offers a solution. If you’re commonly going out with friends in the evening, walking at marine drive past midnight, or going to a karaoke bar you can finally take good shots without having to run to the bathroom for better lighting. Also, the 1080p screen makes it super easy and clear to edit pictures on.

It has many features and the UI is nice. Although it takes a little bit to get used to it if you’re an apple user but once you figure out where everything is you’ll love all the features. It also has room for two sim cards! So, if you travel often you can keep your home sim card in one slot and have a spare slot for another sim to get service wherever you are traveling to. Albeit, it was a little difficult for me find out how to open the back cover to reach the sim slot.

The phone I received has a beautiful red back cover which feels almost velvety and has a nice, satisfying grip to it. This ensures that your phone doesn't slip your hands and smack your face when you're reading or watching something laying down.

Lastly, the battery life is great. The phone can last for days without being plugged in which is always a life saver.

Let me know what you think about it and we can chat about it in the comment section down below.

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