Affordable & Best Makeup available online in India

I started a cool new project where I curated some of the products that are hard to find online in India and also the affordable ones in a Pinterest board. Since, most of you keep asking me where to buy the same things as me, I decided that this would be super useful and convenient for you and as well as me when you ask me where you can find something online.

 I'd also love to have some of you guys to collaborate in this board so that you can add awesome links too since it's you guys that let me know that this can be found here and that's found on this site. I have always found amazing products because of your recommendations. So if interested, leave me your email id in the comments down below and i'll add you to collaborate in this list. This is could be an awesome hub to find makeup online. Cool? See you there.

You can follow the board here:
Follow // Beauty Wishlist on Pinterest.

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