BBlunt Dry Shampoo Review

BBlunt products had been on my 'to try' list for a long long time. Grabbing a 10% coupon, I ordered some mini-sized products, hoping to give them a try and seeing if they were worth the full-size repurchase.

Today I will be reviewing the BBlunt Back To Life Dry Shampoo. It comes in a silver aerosolized can, priced at Rs. 250 for 30ml and Rs. 550 for 125ml. 

I've tried it on third-day hair when my roots get greasy. The method of use is quite simple: shake the can, spray the dry shampoo at the roots of your hair, massage it in with fingers and comb through.
The BBlunt dry shampoo gets rid of the grease and freshens up my hair quite well. It also gives the roots a great lift, which I am a fan of. The shampoo has a clean, fresh scent that is not overpowering but lingers in your hair for a few hours after use. This dry shampoo also leaves no white residue whatsoever in your hair, as some dry shampoos tend to do.
All in all, the BBlunt Back To Life Dry Shampoo is a winner for me. I have already ordered the full size! If you're looking for a good dry shampoo that does its job with minimal fuss, give this one a shot.

You can get it online here or here 

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