Dupe for Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove

DIY brush cleaning mat, cheap brush cleaning mat.

It's true, lazy people are the smartest. 

So I've been procrastinating deep cleaning my brushes for weeks now. I know, it's a terrible thing. The last thing you should do is not wash your makeup brushes regularly, but I've been feeling really lazy lately. I blame it on the heat. It's freaking 40 degrees Celsius here.  Anyway, I finally pulled my lazy ass out and decided to wash my brushes. I wanted to spend the least amount of time doing it, to be honest, and I was looking around my house to find a thing that is similar to the sigma brush cleaning mat. I watched Kaushal's video last night and she seemed to wash her bigger brushes so easily with it, spending lesser time than she usually does. 

Lo and behold, I found the perfect alternative. A hot water bag. It's something you must already have at your house. You know those Silicon bags that is a MUST during period cramps? Yup, those. 
These bags are made out of silicon and ALWAYS have ridges on them. PERFECT!! 
I dipped all my brushes in baby shampoo and water and then gently swirled them on top of the hot water bag. 

The results were insane! I got rid of all of the foundation in my thick kabuki brush within seconds. I swear I'm not even kidding. Do not spend on something when this does exactly that!! 

Yes, the sigma mat that different kinds of ridges for varied level of cleaning, but honestly, I wouldn't bother to check for different types of ridges for different brushes. I'm too lazy for that. 

You'll find these hot water bags at ANY pharmacy for around 300 rupees and you're sorted for both your cramps and brushes.  I found this one online for 200, here is the link: http://amzn.to/1UPYrCR 
This one is on 60% off, for Rs 90: http://fkrt.it/pfQc!uuuuN

Comment below if this blew your mind. LOL


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