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Hey, guys! How is it going? I wanted to introduce you Fareeha who has been reading my blog since the very beginning and is a fellow beauty addict. I am launching a new section on my blog where you can guest post and here's the first one in the series. If you want to contribute a blog post about beauty, DIY and lifestyle, send in your post along with your picture and a short bio to my email 

Over to you Freiha. 

Hi, guys! My name is Fareeha (aka Freiha) and I'm a regular girl with a serious beauty addiction. My day job has absolutely nothing to do with beauty.
I was well and truly bitten by the beauty bug during my teens when I used to suffer from terrible acne breakouts. I jumped straight into skincare and haven't looked back since. Through my blog, Freiha Writes ( , I try to reach out to fellow beauty lovers, letting them know my views about various skincare and makeup products. Some people love collecting stamps or vintage comic books and I love talking about beauty! 
I really hope you enjoy reading my posts and if you have any questions, queries you can reach me through: 
Instagram: freihawander 
Twitter: @FareehaFar

Thank you for joining me on this journey. And an especially big hug for my friend and all round rockstar, Debasree for letting me be a part of her blog! 


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