Technology Update

It has been a hard couple of days for me, I think it is safe to say that I have had the worst weekend ever. If you aren't caught up with my social media, then you might not know what happened with my laptop. Now that I am a full-time YouTuber, my life is practically on my laptop. If that's gone, everything's gone. That's exactly what happened, I came home to my laptop floating in water in my room. It's pretty common to have water cuts during certain times of the day when Summer starts here in Mumbai. I left my tap open to know when water would be back, and unfortunately, my laptop was on the floor because I changed my bedsheets that morning. I left home without realising the tap was running, and then when I got back home everything was drenched in water.  When I lifted my laptop out of it, water came gushing out of it like a shower. I removed as much water as possible and then wrapped it with cling film with rice inside. Left that be for 24 hours and then submitted it to apple care.

It was the longest weekend for me since I didn't have anything to do. I tried looking for a dress for my YTFF red carpet, but with no luck. I got a dress from Koovs for backup (this one) but I don't know if it will reach me on time.

I went to the apple care to find out the damage on my MacBook and turns out the battery and keyboard are gone. It would have cost me an arm and a leg to fix that, so I decided that I'd add one more leg and buy an iMac instead. It will help me my speeding up by editing process and the screen is big enough to see the whole footage clearly. So, I took the plunge and bought the iMac. This is the first thing I am doing with my iMac, I am writing this blog post.

I have so many videos to edit and upload that it is scary to even think about it. I hope you understand the lack of YouTube and blog post uploads, but now there are a lot of them coming your way. I am really excited for you to see them. Thank you so much for the constant support and I am so happy to have 27k subbies now.

I'll see you soon in my next video. xx 

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