Freiha Writes x All She Needs: My Top Three Foundation Brushes

Hey y'all! Its Fareeha from Freiha Writes and today I'm going to be talking about my Top 3 Ultimate Foundation Brushes.

A flawless base is key to any makeup look and no one wants to end up with patchy, streaky looking foundation. Over a long time of trial and error, I've found three foundation brushes that have withstood the test of time and performed amazingly in any and every situation.

1) Real Techniques Expert Face Brush:
I've done a separate review of this brush on my blog. You can read it here. This was my first makeup brush EVER. It was an eye opener for me. Its shape is a cross between a buffing brush and a flat foundation brush. Its synthetic bristles buff foundation into my skin very well. You can buy this brush at Flipkart and Amazon. I'd recommend this brush to makeup newbies especially. You'll love it.
As for me, I have an obscene number of backups of this brush!

2) PAC 019:
This brush is one of my more recent acquisitions. I bought it off Flipkart and I've fallen in love with it. Its slanted tip and super dense synthetic bristles make sure that you are able to apply foundation in every nooks and corners of your face, such as around the nose area. With no shedding (post wash), this brush has become a fast favorite. Its quite affordable priced as well!

3) Zoeva 102 Silk Finish Brush: (review here)
This brush is INCREDIBLE. I can go on all day praising this brush. With super soft, dense bristles, this brush is best for applying cream/liquid foundations. It gives me the highest and most flawless coverage out of all the brushes in my collection. A total star! This brush has the softest bristles out of the three I've mentioned in this post. Hell, I love this brush so much, I'd marry it (if it asked, Lol).

So there you have it, folks! My top three, all time favorite foundation brushes! I will get back to you real soon in the next FWxASN post!

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