Inglot Eye Makeup Base Review

So well, its been a while since I have been looking for a Good Eye makeup base, and also seen everyone raving  about the Mac Paint Pots. However, the MAC Paint Pots do come at a whooping price of Rs. 1450/-. And since, I don't use eyeshadows on a day to day basis and only use them on occasions, I wasn't too keen on splurging so much on an eye shadow base.

So one day while I was checking out the Holi Offers on Nykaa, I stumbled upon the Inglot Eye Makeup Base. And it looked so much similar to the Mac Paint Pots. After having read few reviews about the same, wherein some bloggers even mentioned it to be a Dupe for Mac Painterly Paint Pot, I was quite excited to try it out. I got it For Rs. 800/- from Nykaa

Packaging : It comes in a sturdy little black round tub. The only con is you have to dip in your fingers / brush to take the product out.

Texture : It is a nude skin colored thick creamy textured base.

My Experience : Since the Inglot Eye Makeup Base is creamy and skin colored it doubles up as a good concealer to hide those pigmented eyelids of mine. At the same time providing a smooth base for eye shadow application. Even though the texture is a thick cream, it is very blendable without having to tug and rub the sensitive eyelid area.

My eye shadows, even the most paler ones did look much more vibrant after using the Inglot primer as a base. The colors actually seem so much more pigmented and bright on the Eyelids when applied over this Base. Coming to the longevity, since I do not have oily eyelids, I had no issues of creasing and the eye shadow stayed put for a long time.

I cannot really claim the Inglot Eye Makeup Base to be a dupe for MAC Painterly Pot since I haven't used the latter yet, but this for sure is a cheaper investment if you are looking for a good eye makeup base, especially for beginners :)


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