freebra silicone adhesive bra review

Today I thought I should review something a little bit different but very useful here on my blog. I have a lot of tops and dresses that are backless and no matter how much I've tried, my bra would always peep out very unflatteringly through those dresses and tops. Also, I've been really loving the off shoulder trend that's going on at the moment, which require me to wear strapless bras.

I've been seeing bras like this around for some time but never really tried them, I don't really know why. I went street shopping at Hill Road, Bandra the other day and saw this at a lingerie store and decided to give it a go since it was priced at Rs 250 only.

It is made up of a 100% Polyurethane outer covering, a 100% Silicon filling inside and this is what the instructions are to put them on.

Instructions for Application:

DO NOT USE moisturizers, perfumes, powders or other skin care products prior to use, as this will reduce the effect of the adhesive.

CLEAN YOUR SKIN: Gently clean your chest area with a mild soap and water to remove body oil and any residue from the skin. Dry your skin with a soft towel.

PLACE ONE SIDE ON AT A TIME: Stand in front of the mirror. Flip the cup outward while holding the bra cup by the edges with both bands, position the cup to your desired breast angle and gently smooth the cup edges firmly to the breast with your fingertips. Repeat the same application on your other breast, being sure both sides are equal in height.

CONNECT THE FRONT CLOSURE:  Then with both hands on the bra cups press firmly for a few seconds to secure the hold. 

So this is what I followed to the T when I first wore and trust me, it felt really weird. It took a little while for me to get used to putting the bra on, to make it stick evenly. I think placing the bra all over your breasts at once works the best. When I wore it for the first time, one of the cups fell off when I bent down and I was like whaaaaa?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I soon realised that I didn't stick the cup well and I also was a little sweaty, thanks to the lovely Mumbai weather. I tried it on again after getting rid of the sweat and it stayed on for at least a good 4-6 hours until I peeled it off. I thought it would rip my hair off while I peeled it but it was completely painless. Thank god. Imagine getting that band-aid-ish feeling on your boobs, ouch.

Ok, let's talk about the downsides of the bra. It does not provide any sort of support for your boobage. So be ready for some bounce. It will only stop your nipples from telling everyone that the place you're in is really cold if you know what I mean. ;) So unless the top/dress is backless I like to wear a bandeau on top for some extra support.

This only comes in generic sizes A,B,C, and D so if you have bigger boobs, which is awesome otherwise, but with this, it means that it will only cover the centre.

So yeah, I think that's all that I have to say, for now, tell me if you've tried this or want to in the comments down below. 

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