I'm writing this as I sit on my bed, sipping a cup of tea, with a fresh, clean face. After a long, and exhausting day the best feeling is to remove your makeup and lay on your bed with a fresh face. I've been using the studio west pure passion makeup remover, been trying and testing it to review it over here and I think today's the day. I got this because I'm almost running out of most of my liquid makeup removers. My bioderma sensibo H2O is running out, the Maybelline Super Clean one is completely over, and I'm almost done with my Avene Micellar water too. Since this was very inexpensive for ₹245 for a 100ml bottle, I thought I should give this a whirl.   

This is a biphasic makeup remover, i.e. it has two phases, water, and oil. Most makeup formulas these days, waterproof mostly, only break when they come in contact with makeup removers that contain some amount of oil in it, that's why cleansing oils, coconut oil, baby oil etc work really well when it comes to removing waterproof mascara and eyeliners. They work wonderfully except the fact that they a leave a very oily/greasy residue behind on your skin. Also, they aren't super fast, you'll have to rub them on your eyes and skin for some time for all of the makeup to break down.     

With biphasic makeup removers like this one, a) they're inexpensive, and b) they act super fast without leaving an oily residue behind. When the bottle hasn't been agitated you can clearly see the two phases. Before using you need to shake the bottle so that both the phases mix together, and it remains like that till the bottle is resting.  

 I like to pour the remover onto a cotton pad and place it on top of my eyes for around 10-15 seconds for the makeup to break down, pressing and wiggling it gently in place. Then I like to swipe it outwards to get rid of most of my eye makeup at once. I do this while my eyes are shut, and then repeat the same for my lower lashes by turning the cotton pad over. Nonwaterproof mascara and most eye shadows and eyeliners break off like a dream except for waterproof ones that need an extra one or two swipes for ALL of it to break. Not bad, not bad at all. This also breaks down long lasting, matte, liquid lipsticks in a single rub after placing it over the lips for 10-15 seconds. The same with the base as well. So it can not only be used on eyes but face and lips as well.     

Here comes the bad news, when I used the remover for the first time, it stung so bad!! It was so terrible that I had to go and wash my eyes immediately. It stung in the inner corner of my eyes the most. I don't have the most sensitive of eyes and this happens VERY rarely with me. It was very off-putting. I almost stopped using this to remove my eye makeup. It still worked well for my lips and base.    

However, I like to give products the benefit of the doubt and tried it once again. I tried to configure what was I doing wrong, and then I concurred that I probably was pouring out more than what was needed and wetting the cotton pad too much. I'm very used to doing that with my bioderma and I think it's second nature now while pouring things into cotton pads. So, this time, I took much lesser than what I used too, just wet the centre of the cotton pad lightly and placed it on my eye. It did not sting at all. Also, the same pad was able to remove makeup from both my eyes, base, and lips. Just a couple of drops and I cleaned my whole face with just one pad. I turned it over and used the other side for my base and then lipstick. A little goes a long way. 

So be a little cautious if you have sensitive eyes, but otherwise it does a fantastic job. You can get it at any Westside store all over India. What do you think of it? Have you tried this? What's your favourite makeup remover? Talk to me in the comments down below. xx


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