Suncros Soft Gel Sunscreen Review

If you're wondering why am I reviewing a sunscreen when monsoon has already arrived here, then think again. This is a very common misconception most of us have, to wear sunscreen only during summers or when it's sunny outside. You must wear sunscreen on each area that is exposed to daylight, all day every day.

Today, I am going to review the Suncros Sunscreen, with an SPF of 50+, PA+++, UVA & UVB protection, priced at Rs 545/- for 50g.

 The Suncros soft gel sunscreen comes in a white tube and you need to squeeze to get the product out. The texture of the sunscreen is very soft, light and whipped. As you can tell from the pictures above, the sunscreen blends really well too without leaving any white cast. As the packaging suggests, the finish of the cream is matte and you're left with a supple feeling on your skin. Since the cream is very lightweight, it is ideal for all skin types and ages. You just need to take a coin sized amount onto your finger tips and apply it all over your face, and any other area, after applying moisturiser and before makeup. This sunscreen makes an excellent primer for your foundation too since it leaves the skin very smooth, the foundation glides on very well on top of it.

 The Suncros Sunscreen is also water resistant, and very long lasting. If you happen to get water on your skin, you can see that the water droplets sit on top of the sunscreen and doesn't budge the cream at all. Even though the sunscreen is very long lasting, it is recommended that you reapply the sunscreen at twice a day.

 This sunscreen is prescribed by dermatologists and you can also buy the sunscreen online or in stores.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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