How I Make A Perfect Cup of Coffee Using Vero Infuso

I've been getting addicted to coffee lately and the vero coffee machine makes it way better.  I love sipping into a warm cup of thick frothy coffee, it just gets my day started and makes me really productive. I wouldn't lie but makes me really crazy too. I tend to jiggle a lot of work together, and talk a lot more than usual. The vero infuso machine is very easy to set up, takes seconds and brews perfectly. You need to just insert the coffee pod into the machine and thats it.  The pods come in sleeves of 10 each and comes in 4 different types, Seven Seeds, Coorg, Annamalais, and Arabica.

The Vero Infuso machine pours out the perfect strength of esspresso or lungo and the best part is how quick it is. My favourite thing though is the milk frother. Its an electric milk frother, which churns the milk and turns it into a delicious thick foam.

Here's the video on how I like to make the perfect cup of coffee using the Vero Infuso white machine.

  • Insert the Coffee Pod into the machine
  • Press the espresso button
  • Add the Frothed Milk
  • Add a Little bit of coffee powder or chocolate powder to garnish.

You can add sugar to taste, I personally prefer mine without sugar. 

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