Revlon matte top coat review

I've gotten a sudden urge to wear matte nails ever since I had done a matte gel manicure a few weeks ago. I had matte black nails and it made my nails look really good. I had seen the color bar matte top coat a long time ago but never picked that one up, and a few days ago I saw the entire new range of the Revlon matte nail polishes. They have a lot of different matte colours and a top coat. Although the colours looked beautiful, buying a top coat made sense the most because with this I can convert any one of my nail polishes into a matte one.

What I love about the top coat is how fast it dries and it converts any glossy nail polish into a matte one within seconds. Today, I am wearing the shade Lilac Cupcake from Nykaa, which is one of my favourite shades at the moment, topped with the matte coat. The top coat also makes the nail polish really long lasting. I absolutely love the way it flattens the colour and makes it look really sophisticated.

It comes in a tiny bottle priced at Rs 190/- and you can buy it Here: Or Here:

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