Gillette Satin Care Shaving Gel Review

I have always had this strange fear of shaving. When I first shaved my legs and my hair regrew, I had really itchy legs. I thankfully got rid of that and explained everything I use to prevent that from happening in this video:

I recently picked up the gillette satin shaving gel for sensitive skin and gave it a go a couple of times and I thought I should definitely review this product and let you guys know about it. The satin care shaving gel comes in a sturdy spray can, with 195 grams of product in it. You pump the top of the can to dispense the product and a generous amount of the shaving gel comes out. You expect a creamy white foam, like other shaving gels in a can, but it's actually a thick blue/green gel. 

I like to dampen my legs or arms with hot water, usually while I am showering, before applying the thick blue gel, which turns into a thick, creamy foam instantly when I spread it into my wet arm or legs. I take two pumps of the shaving gel for each legs and arms and that's enough to cover them up entirely. The foam is very soft, smooth and silky. I love the texture of it, it's like the perfect whipped cream. 

The texture of the shaving gel is PERFECT for shaving. The razor glides in very smoothly, giving you a very neat shave and thus reduces the chances of razor burn. I like to use the Gillette Venus Razor to shave my arms and legs. Once I am done shaving, I just rinse all of it off of my legs and arms, and it rinses of really easily, leaving the skin very clean and soft.  

I have really sensitive legs and thats why I decided to pick this one up and oh boy am I impressed?! It is an excelent product. Not only is the texture amazingly soft, it leaves the legs feeling very moisturised. This is very, very important if you have sensitive legs. When you shave your legs, the skin is very fresh afterwards, since you're deeply exfoliating your legs while shaving, which is why it is important to use something hydrating/conditioning to shave with. I would highly recoomend this if you're struggling to find a good product to shave with, if you have dry/sensitive legs. I can't use conditioner because it makes my skin much more sensitive and itchy.

It is important to moisturise after shaving, and one of my favourite creams for that is the Palmer's Cocoa Butter, you can get this here:

The Gillette Satin Care Shaving gel is priced at ₹223 and you can buy it here:

The razor I used is the GilletteVenus Razor:

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