Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer Review

Clinique has recently launched their new Matte Pop lip Colour + Primer in 24 shades, and I am going to review two shades from the range for you today. These are creamy matte lispticks with a smoothing primer in it. The primer makes the lipstick glide on your lips very smoothly, and keeps it moisturised. The packaging of these lipsticks are STUNNING. It's squared with a shiny, metallic lid and a velvety matte finish lower half that coordinates with the shade of the lipstick. These aren't heavy, but they feel very luxurious on your hand. I absolutely love the packaging, very useful when it comes to storage. Here's what I think of the lipsticks:

These lipsticks feel silicony, glides effortlessly on the lips, and has a velvetty matte finish. It doesn't go opaque in one swipe, you'll have to go over 2-3 times to get the shade to look saturated. They do not apply patchy or cakey at all on the lips nor do they cling to your dry pathces.

They do have a a little bit of sheen to them when you first apply them. The sheen dissapears after few minutes, resulting in a very satiny matte finish. These lispticks are very lightweight, feels like as if you're wearing nothing, and sits very comfortably. They aren't super matte and clingy like liquid lipsticks, these lipsticks actually moisturise the lips and keeps it feeling supple for a long time. These lipsticks are 100% fragrance free and they don't smell weird or chemically.

These aren't transfer proof, so they do leave marks on mugs and clothes, but will not fade away otherwise. You will need to touch up the lipstick when you're out and about.

The Shades:

Blush Pop:
 A light, peachy nude. My lips but better colour. Fades me out a little bit, but will look good with a dark smoky eye.

Avant Garde Pop:
A dark brown with a red undertone. It applied much lighter than the  bullet. Looks briickish red on my lips.

These are priced at Rs. 1650 and you can buy them here:
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Organic Harvest Masseuscious - Damage Control Cleanser Review

The packaging of the Organic Harvest Masseuscious Damage Control Cleanser instantly caught my attention and I knew that I HAD to review this one for you guys. This cleanser has a very interesting dispensing system. The cleanser comes in a plastic bottle that has a pump attached to a silicon brush, designed to massage and gently exfoliate your skin while cleansing it. The cleanser is made up of all natural ingredients like Acai berry extracts, shea butter, and olive oil. It claims to remove dirt, pollution, and keep the skin well hydrated.

The cleanser comes out as a foam from the brush when you pump the dispenser. The brush is made up of very soft and flexible silicone bristles. Once the foam is out, use the brush head to massage the skin in an upwards and circular motion to cleanse your skin and stimulate blood flow.  It doesn't feel gritty or harsh at all and has a gentle exfoliating effect. Remember to rinse the brush well after using it and replace the cap to protect it from dust. The cleanser feels very light, because it comes out as a foam and cleanses the skin very well. It doesn't remove makeup efficiently, so remove your makeup first, and then use this to deep clean your skin. If you use this on top of makeup, the brush head will turn brown and it can attract a lot of bacteria. 

The cleanser doesn't strip the skin after you rinse it out. The shea butter and olive oil in the cleanser help in nourishing your skin and keeps it well balanced. This one would be best suited for normal to oily skin, as it effectively gets rid of excess oil from the skin. I would definitely recommend that you try this product out if you're looking for a new face wash to try. Massaging your face regularly really helps the skin in the long run and keeps it looking youthful. You could also detach the head and use it any other cleanser you have once the product is over or fill up the bottle with half water and half deep cleanser to make the dispenser pump out foam.  

This is priced at Rs.1495 for 150ml and you can buy it here
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Forest Essentials Tejasvi Facial Ubtan Review

I have always been a big fan of forest essentials products and having tried their Multani Mitti facial Ubtan before and the Narangi Face Mask, I thought of trying the Tejasvi Facial Ubtan and review it for you guys. This facial ubtan is a highly nourishing blend of potent herbs like sandalwood, neem, cinnamon, full cream milk, and saffron for a hydrated smooth skin. You can take half a teaspoon and mix it with Aloe Vera Juice, Rosewater, Milk, or Yogurt to make a creamy paste and use it to wash your face or use it as a  face mask like I did. 

As soon as you open the jar, the product smells very pleasantly earthy, mostly like sandalwood.  The product is made up of dehydrated herbs and has a mild gritty texture that exfoliates your skin gently. It helps in smoothing and improving the texture of skin and removing tan. I like to make a paste using rose water and use a brush to apply it all over my face. The mask dries out very quickly on your face, and it soaks all the excess oil up. I massage the face mask on my skin gently while I'm rinsing it away, and once it's washed out you can feel your skin looking visibly clean and feeling nourished. The mask cleanses the skin well, balances the hydration of your skin and keeps it supple.

I would highly recommend this facial ubtan. It will be great for oily/acne prone skin as the ingredients in it like sandalwood, neem, cinnamon, etc work very well in fighting acne and keeping them at bay. You can use this every day as a facial cleanser or 2-3 times a week as a mask.

This is priced at Rs. 875 for 50g and you can buy it here:
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