Organic Harvest Masseuscious - Damage Control Cleanser Review

The packaging of the Organic Harvest Masseuscious Damage Control Cleanser instantly caught my attention and I knew that I HAD to review this one for you guys. This cleanser has a very interesting dispensing system. The cleanser comes in a plastic bottle that has a pump attached to a silicon brush, designed to massage and gently exfoliate your skin while cleansing it. The cleanser is made up of all natural ingredients like Acai berry extracts, shea butter, and olive oil. It claims to remove dirt, pollution, and keep the skin well hydrated.

The cleanser comes out as a foam from the brush when you pump the dispenser. The brush is made up of very soft and flexible silicone bristles. Once the foam is out, use the brush head to massage the skin in an upwards and circular motion to cleanse your skin and stimulate blood flow.  It doesn't feel gritty or harsh at all and has a gentle exfoliating effect. Remember to rinse the brush well after using it and replace the cap to protect it from dust. The cleanser feels very light, because it comes out as a foam and cleanses the skin very well. It doesn't remove makeup efficiently, so remove your makeup first, and then use this to deep clean your skin. If you use this on top of makeup, the brush head will turn brown and it can attract a lot of bacteria. 

The cleanser doesn't strip the skin after you rinse it out. The shea butter and olive oil in the cleanser help in nourishing your skin and keeps it well balanced. This one would be best suited for normal to oily skin, as it effectively gets rid of excess oil from the skin. I would definitely recommend that you try this product out if you're looking for a new face wash to try. Massaging your face regularly really helps the skin in the long run and keeps it looking youthful. You could also detach the head and use it any other cleanser you have once the product is over or fill up the bottle with half water and half deep cleanser to make the dispenser pump out foam.  

This is priced at Rs.1495 for 150ml and you can buy it here

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