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Hey! Guys, How have you been? I love writing down my thoughts on my blogs and today I wanted to share a few of my shaving tips and techniques. This post will essentially talk about how you can shave your hair and the best practices to keep all your shaving problems at bay. The most asked questions I get are shaving related so I know this blog post will help a lot of people. Let's get started: 

Step 1
Hydrate Your Skin: It is very, very important to soak your hair in the shower or bath for 2-3 minutes to soften them before your start shaving. This really prepares the skin and the hair to get shaved very smoothly. We all take bath in warm water, so begin by washing your hair first, this way your body hair gets time to soak up the water and ready for a good shave. You can even exfoliate your skin now to lift the hair up and make it much easier to shave.

Step 2
Lather Up With A Shaving Gel: The next step is to lather up your skin with a protective gel, like the Gillette Satin Care shaving gel. This shaving gel helps keep water in the hair and makes sure that the razor glides easily over your skin, protecting you from potential nicks and cuts. It also helps you keep track of where you're shaved to avoid missing any spots. It's so much fun to slather this gel up, it becomes really creamy and frothy, apply a generous layer all over the area you're going to shave.

Step 3.  
Shave In The Right Direction: Use a very light touch and don't press down while you're gliding the razor on your legs or arms. For your legs, shave legs from the ankle upwards. For your underarms, shave from all angles-up, down and sideways. And for the bikini area, shave in the direction of hair growth first (inward) and against for an extra-close shave. This will ensure that you get a very close and neat shave. Make sure that your blades are always new and you are applying the least pressure on the blades while gliding it on your skin.

Step 4.
Moisturize After Shaving: After shaving, it's always important to moisturize as it helps keep your skin hydrated. Makes sure you slather a good, rich, thick, moisturizing lotion as soon as your get out of the shower. Also, apply it every night before you go to sleep if you have really dry skin. You can also apply aloe vera juice on the shaved area to soothe the skin and avoid any irritations.

So that's all for this post, thank you so much for reading, let me know if you have anything else I could answer, leave your comments down below.


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