5 Things To Do If You’re Single This Valentine’s Day using the ASUS Zenfone 3s Max

If you’re a feeling alone this V-Day, I’ve listed 5 things you could do all by yourself and feel amazing after. This post is in association with ASUS and I have shared some of the things I love doing myself so I hope you like it. Here we go:  

1) Cook an Extensive Meal For Yourself
If you take a step back and take a look at the things we do for ourselves, you’ll soon realise how you don’t really spend quality time with you. Search for a recipe on your Zenfone, from a cuisine you’ve never tried but wanted to, and go shop for the ingredients. Zenfone 3s Max supports multi-window mode, and this allows us to multitask with its split screen functionality, and switch between apps with absolute ease, so you can read the recipe while you’re cooking, and watch your favourite show online at the same time.

2) Explore Your City.
Have you actually explored all of your city? There are so many unexplored wonders everywhere we live, may it be an old, quaint tea shop or a museum. Carry your Zenfone 3s Max, and head on for an adventure in your city discovering new delights. Zenfone 3s Max is equipped with a 5000 mAh battery that is capable of providing a 4G standby time of 34 days, 3G talk time of 28 hours, 25 hours of Wi-Fi web browsing and 18 hours of continuous video playback. This ensures your phone will always be on, even if you don’t feel as energetic at the end of the day after your adventure.

 3) Take More Pictures
Document everything. I don’t just mean selfies, of course, you could take those too, but everything else that’s around you. It feels wonderful to go back to the days and memories. Zenfone 3s Max has many camera modes, beautification mode for selfies, super resolution mode to capture a beautiful sunset and a low light mode. So go ahead and create more memories using it. 

 4) Dance Like No One’s Watching. Literally. 
You know one of the best feelings in the world? Dancing your heart out to a silly 90s music alone in your room. Honestly, if you haven’t tried this before, you should right now. It will make you feel amazing, and you'll burn some calories along the way too. Blast the speakers on your phone and dance like no one’s watching.  

5) Call Your Parents. 
For most of us who live away from our home, we tend to procrastinate calling our parents or grandparents regularly. You might call them every day, but we hardly share any meaningful conversation. It’s the usual always, did you eat, how was your day, etc. This valentine’s day, try to spend a few more minutes and talk beyond the usual. Ask them where did they want to travel but never could, why did they name you this and not that, who was their first crush. It will make their day and yours.

Let me know how you're planning to spend today in the comments below! 

A big thank you to ASUS for partnering with me for this post, and you can check out more about their Zenfone 3s Max here: https://z3n.asus.in/zenfone-max-series.html
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