Do you want to have voluminous eyelashes without spending your money on expensive mascaras? There are a few helpful tricks that you should know about. If you are excited like I am, let’s get started!

Castor oil

You care for your hair, but why not the eyelashes? They do need some extra nourishment, so apply castor oil before going to bed. This will make your lashes darker and fuller.

Use a primer

If you haven’t considered using a primer for your eyelashes, this is the right time to do it. Whether you use a foundation primer or a lip primer, you know that this simple product makes a huge difference. Apply one layer of primer and wait for it to dry before you proceed with the mascara.

Right technique

The right mascara technique makes a huge difference too. Start from the roots, and move your wand upwards in zic zac motion. Leave the first layer to dry completely, before you move on with the second one. Do light and gentle swipes on the ends to make your eyes look bigger. Another thing that I want to point out is to never clean off the excess product from the opening of the mascara.

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