If you are a massive fan of lipsticks, you know that L’oreal has a stunning collection of reds. They say that there is a red shade for every woman, so this edition confirms the statement. It has a total of 7 shades, named after celebrities. 

One of the best things about this lipstick is the long-lasting color. The formula is matte, so if you hate glossy lipsticks, these will become your favorite. Although the lipstick is mate, it won’t feel drying or chap the lips. This is a huge advantage, as we all hate the chapped lips effect when wearing our favorite matte red lipstick. 

The color is quite intense, so you don’t need to apply several layers to get the full red color. I would say that this is a perfect lipstick for full-face makeup. It will complement your glamorous look and add a finishing touch. However, before applying, make sure to exfoliate and hydrate your lips. This will make them smooth, and the product will be easy to use. 

The package is a story for itself. It looks so luxurious and expensive and feels like you are holding an expensive high-end product. The combination of black and gold details seems so elegant and sleek.

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