Are you new to the blogging world? If you have just started your blogging journey, you might not be completely familiar with self-hosting. However, as your blog grows and you want to get better, you should consider self-hosting. In this post, we explain more about it.

Self-hosting explained

Many bloggers started first with the free version of WordPress. It is free of cost, and you can share your content online easily. When you want your blog to become a serious job, you simply switch to self-hosting. This means that you pay for your site to be hosted and displayed on the internet. Your URL won’t contain “WordPress” when you switch to a self-hosted blog. 

Benefits of self-hosting

Although the free WordPress version seems great for beginners, later on it will have many disadvantages. Why should you switch to self-hosting?

  • You own your blog. When the blog is an ownership of WordPress, it might get deleted without any reason. This means that you can lose your precious work.
  • It looks organized and professional. This will change the perception of the readers and potential partners that would want to work with you. 
  • A wide choice of themes and layouts. You aren’t limited only to the free themes, so you can customize your blog according to your preference.

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