Maintaining a blog requires creativity and consistency. However, you might not feel those creating juices floating every day. A planned and structured schedule will help you when you lack inspiration or motivation to create a post. On the other hand, planning will help you get an idea of what readers actually want and which topics are the most popular. If you wonder how to do planning and scheduling, this post is for you!


Before you even get to planning, you need to get an idea of the bigger picture. Analyze your traffic and find out which posts have been popular among readers. Also, determine if there are some new things that you ish to implement. Decide about how many posts you want to do monthly and how often to post. 

Create the calendar

Whether you prefer digital or on paper, make sure to create a calendar. Decide whether you want to post regularly, for example, each Monday. Also, cover some specific events for the month, such as launching new products in your niche or holidays.

Plan your time

How much time do you want to spend working on your bog daily? Schedule specific days of the week when you want to work. Create a to-do list to structure your activities. 

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