Are you makeup beginners and don’t know which riches to get? You have already heard that the brushes can make a huge difference, so choosing the right ones is crucial. If you feel overwhelmed and confused with all those choices, don’t worry. In this post, we cover the brushes you need for basic makeup looks.

Foundation brush

This type of brush has dense hairs, which are not very flexible. This tool is meant to help you blend the foundation for a seamless look. It is suitable for blending the product into your neck too.

Blush brush

This type of brush is fluffy and a little tapered. The surface makes it easy for you to define and contour the chosen areas. Therefore, it is suitable for applying powder blush and bronzer. 

Contouring brush

This brush has curved ends to help you blend the products. Use bronzer or dark powder to sculpt your face and define the cheekbones. It will help you get the right amount of product without applying too much. 

Beauty blender

The egg-shaped form of the beauty blender allows you to get to every corner of the face. The spongy texture will help you blend foundation and concealers. I really like how the sharper end perfectly fits the eyes and helps me blend the heavy concealers. This is my go-to tool for avoiding the cakey look in this area. 

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