The Garnier Ultra Blends is an affordable shampoo line that gets in my shopping cart often. They have so many different choices, and they all smell amazing. You can find a shampoo and a conditioner in the same range, perfect if you prefer to use the same hair product brand. They come in a lovely 75 ml package, which is great for your travel bag. Personally, I like to bring my own shampoo when going somewhere, so this is a good option. 

The Royal Jelly and lavender smells calming. My hair feels so clean after washing, and the conditioner does its job well. Also, it leaves a lovely subtle scent in your hair. I’m not a huge fan of applying hair perfumes, so scented shampoos that leave a long-lasting scent are a go for me. The whole shampoo line is free of parabens, so this is a huge plus if you want to avoid them. 

The Soy milk and almond shampoo has a luxurious and creamy scent. The conditioner is thick and easy to apply, so it can stay on the hair without dripping. This leaves the hair extra silky smooth and is easy to comb. Both the shampoo and conditioner come in a 75 ml package, so I can slip them in my carry-on luggage when traveling. 

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