So, you are thinking that how to style oversized sweatshirt to look unique and stylish!

Pop culture has influenced fashion trends in the world for most of the 20th and the 21st century, and it is quite overwhelming keeping up with what is in vogue in recent times because the rules change a lot from time to time.

However, a few things have remained unchanged—like how cool oversized sweatshirts look. Sweatshirts are not an ancient phenomenon, but they have remained in the global casual spotlight since they became a thing in the 1920s.

People say that the first person to practically invent a sweatshirt was a football player; a quarterback who got sick of putting up with woolen jerseys that were itchy and uncomfortable. This guy, Benjamin Russell Jnr, worked with his father who owned a clothing company to make the first breathable cotton sweatshirt model and that innovation has stayed for many generations.

Oversized sweatshirts are a more recent vogue, and yes, you can wear them the traditional way or try something more exciting, all to be highlighted in this article, so, keep reading!

1. Wear it with Jeans

how to style oversized sweatshirt

This is the most conventional way to pair your oversized sweatshirt and it does not get old. Jeans look good with literally anything, and if you are feeling jazzy, put on some heels and accessorize with a small shoulder bag. Jeans aren’t the only bottoms you can layer with oversized sweatshirts with. Tight pants, leggings and shorts work just as great!

2. Wear it with sweatpants

This gives the classic “cool dude” look for when the weather gets chillier. Sweatpants and joggers can be worn with flats, high heels and sneakers for your convenience and that high street look. While some sweatshirts come with factory-paired sweatpants in the most gorgeous prints and any color you can imagine. If your sweatshirt is one-piece, you can wear it with a nice pair of sweatpants, especially if they are in color sync, or if your sweatpants are black, white, grey or brown. These colors can be layered with most other colors nicely.

3. Wear it with a skirt

Leather skirts, denim skirts, cotton skirts, mini skirts, midi skirts, long skirts; you name it! Your oversized sweatshirt is perfect for all, depending on your mood and sense of style. Pleated skirts, flared skirts and skater skirts are also a great fit. You do not have to tuck in your sweatshirt to look amazing in it with a skirt, and don’t forget to play with your colors!

4. Wear it as a dress

If you are gunning for sexy, you should rock your oversized sweatshirt as a mini dress and match it with a pair of thigh-high boots, knee boots, sneakers or ankle boots. Flats and sandals also work great with this, but if you want a little extra, wear a nice belt. If you are worried that it is too short, you can layer it with boyshorts. You can also fold up the sleeves if your shirt is big enough.

5. Wear it with a jacket

Oversized sweatshirts are so versatile that they are a great fit for even jackets! If you want to keep extra warm when winter hits and look nice and sporty doing it, a nice trench coat, denim jacket, leather jacket, and extra-large hoodies. These look and feel great with skinny jeans or leggings. Did you know that you can also wear your sweatshirt as a jacket?

There is no doubt that oversized jackets are an all-around good fashion choice no matter the season, and nothing screams fashionista louder than trying new styles and fresh combination ideas. Go all out with the fun colors and prints as much as you can!

Do you have your unique style on how to style sweatshirt? Please do share in the comment section.

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