Lipstick is the most basic form of makeup that every lady should know how to finesse. There is no such thing as lips that lipstick doesn’t look good on, so if that has been your excuse for avoiding lipstick, get rid of it.

You can totally look gorgeous in lipstick no matter your skin tone or the shape of your lips. If you have dark lips and you wonder if you can apply lipstick on them, the big answer is YES.

Dark lips can be natural or brought on by environmental factors such as sun exposure, hyperpigmentation, dehydration, or reactions to products or toothpaste. Whatever the reason, your dark lips should not stop you from glamming up, and this article is packed with how to apply lipstick on dark lips.

It is a no-brainer that for darker lips, you need to use brighter shades of lipstick, but even that must be well-applied for that nice look:

Prep Your Lips:

You can set a good base for your lipstick by applying some lip balm for moisture. You can also use regular moisturizer, petroleum jelly or any other base that will give it some life. This is to let the lipstick slide effortlessly on your lips when you wear it. This is an important lip routine for all kinds of lips, dark or not.

Apply the Base:

You can think of this as part of lip prepping, but a distinction is necessary so that you don’t interchange the process. Your lips are well moisturized now and the next step is to apply some concealer. Use the same concealer you use for your face and apply it sparingly, just until the lip color matches your skin tone. You should also make sure to apply it evenly and let it blend in nicely, using a brush or your fingertips; whatever works for you. For even application, do three tiny dots of a creamy concealer on your lower lip and two on top. Take your time; no need to rush it.

Use Lip Liner:

This will guide your lipstick application and if you are not into lip liner pencils, you can try out crayons. Choose a lip liner that is lighter than your lip color. Remember, the aim is to brighten your lips, not further darken them. Line around the edges for a flawless finish.

Apply the Lipstick:

Matte Lipsticks are your best bet for this. You already have a glossy, creamy base and slapping on another coat of cream and gloss will not sit well on your lips. Apply your lipstick in coats, upper lip, lower lip; one at a time. You can do multiple coats, depending on how thick you want your lipstick to look. When all is set and you still desire shimmery, glossy lips, top your lipstick with a light gloss. If you change your mind and you prefer the original matte look, dab on some translucent powder onto your lips to soak up the gloss and brush off the excesses with a lip brush.

There are extra steps you can take to make your lips better and healthier, and they are to:

  • Use quality makeup and cosmetic products. Avoid fake products (lipstick) and shady vendors.
  • Clean your fingers before using them to apply lipstick.
  • Invest in skincare products that battle hyperpigmentation and in oils like almond oil, coconut oil and other cruelty-free products.
  • Keep your lips moisturized by using lip balm and moisturizer. Moisturizing is also essential to even out your lip color and tone.

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