Looking stunning no matter what you wear is a choice. The color black has been around in fashion for many generations and in popular culture for as long as it’s existed. Black dresses and sarees have indeed stayed in the spotlight recently, thanks to bold show outs by gorgeous celebrities.

It is easy to think that lack dresses are the easiest to accessorize, but you will be shocked to find that many a time, pulling off that epic look with a black dress is not a walk in the park. You can have on the fanciest outfit in the room and not make that lasting impression you deserve because—you got your lipstick color wrong.

Yes, lipstick. You read that right.

Your lipstick is one, if not the highlight of your makeup and it is essential that you get it right—color shade, texture and of course, how much you put on. Have you picked out the perfect black dress or saree for that occasion and you wonder what lipstick will be best to grace your lips?

This article has you covered!

If you wonder which lipstick suits on black dress and saree, you should know one thing for sure: you can wear almost any color of lipstick with a black outfit. This color is compatible with almost any lipstick color, but there are other boxes to tick to achieve that flawless look:

Skin Tone:

With the color of your outfit decided, your skin tone is the most important factor that you must consider in choosing your lipstick.

Skin tones are categorized into fair or light, medium, tan and deep. If you are fair or light, you will find colors like light pink, peach, and dusty red colors a good match for your black dress. Medium to tan skin tone will look gorgeous with a wider range of brighter red colors, sweet nude, and deep pink. Wine, deep purple, and red colors look great on deep skin tones.


Are you going on a formal date or to a party with family and friends? Will it be a day affair or an all-nighter? If you will be going for a flashy night event, throw on some gloss with your lipstick and some shimmer with your black dress.


What impression are you out to make? Elegant? Vibrant? Or just plain gorgeous? Bright colors often make quite the entrance, as does gloss and shimmer. If you want to take that down a notch, matte lipstick is perfect and in warm color shades. Nude always adds a nice balance to it, especially for medium tone.

Lip Shape:

This is a grossly overlooked, yet very important game-changer in your makeup. You should get acquainted with what your lip shape is and how to balance color tones on both. You will find that sometimes, the upper lip needs a different concentration of lipstick than the lower lip. If you want those lips well-coated for as long as you want, you must do a good lipstick application job.

If your upper lip is heavier than the lower, you should apply a darker shade of the color you choose for the lower.

If it’s the lower lip, apply lipstick as sparingly as possible and tone it down with a bit of nude, if using bright colors.

Thin lips don’t need dark colors. Flatter them with brighter shades and gloss it up. Matte and warmer tones are more appropriate for plump lips.

You should look out for your hair color too, but it is not a major. The color black is one of the most versatile chromes in the fashion spectrum. Don’t be drab, try on all the exciting colors that you can with your black dress or saree and look fabulous.

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