Are you looking for a guide on how to hydrate skin before makeup? Continue reading this article to know steps.

Skin hydration is an essential part of the make-up process, yet grossly overlooked. Not many people pay enough attention to it, and it just so happens that the major cause of this is that they just don’t know to. All you need is a good cleanser, an exfoliant, a toner and of course, a moisturizer.


As you’d expect, the first thing you’ll need to do preparing for makeup application is to properly clean up your face. To be honest, there are quite a few intricacies involved in selecting the best cleanser for you, but many skin care products come labelled with the skin types they are best suited for, making your choosing process more seamless. Cleanse your skin with warm water, it is more beneficial to your skin.


This is the process of the removal of dead skin cells. Doing this gives the skin a fresher, more vibrant look by uncovering the smooth layer of skin beneath. There are of course multiple ways to exfoliate cutting across mechanical and chemical methods. For makeup application, we recommend mechanical methods as they give a more hands-on approach. To carry out this process, you need a brush or sponge, coupled with an exfoliating scrub of your choosing. From here on, it’s very simple, just apply the scrub to your skin, leave it on for the duration recommended by the manufacturer, then wash it off with warm water. Remember to be gentle with your skin as the last thing you want is to cause any unnecessary damage. If you’re not too comfortable using a brush or sponge, your fingers will quite rightly suffice.

Apply Toner

According to the general rules of skin care, toning comes right before moisturizing. Toners perform a very simple, yet important function, they eliminate the remaining traces of dirt still stuck to your skin, particularly in your pores. These traces are usually normal dirt particles or leftover dead skin from the exfoliation process. Toners clean out your pores and by doing so, prime your skin for the application of the moisturisers.


As with all the other skincare products, selecting the appropriate moisturiser for your skin is paramount. You don’t want your pores to be oversaturated or too oily. Remember, the whole point of this process is to prepare your face for make-up application. Your face is to be as workable as possible. One tip for applying moisturiser to your face is to dab rather than rub. This ensures that the product seeps properly into the pores for optimal results.

Now, your face is prepped and ready for makeup!

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