Are you wondering that how to remove dark skin around waist? You are at the right place. Keep reading to know the answer.

Your waistline is one of the most prone areas to skincare neglect, and this flags off hyperpigmentation issues that is one of the major skin problems that people are faced with. Hyperpigmented skin can be corrected, but it takes some time and the dedicated use of products and other remedies. If you wish to remove the hyperpigmented skin around your waist, this article highlights the best ingredients you can use for spot treatment.


This ingredient makes the top of the list because it works uniquely in slowing down the production of melanin, which is responsible for hyperpigmentation. Basically, hydroquinone restrains an enzyme called tyrosinase which aids the surge of melanin production. This process takes a while, and that is why you typically don’t see the results of using hydroquinone until at least fourteen days after consistent use. Sometimes, you have to wait longer, depending on the concentration of hydroquinone in the product you use and the extent of your hyperpigmentation. For the waistline, it should not take long to see results.

Kojic Acid

You cannot draw up a list of fighters against hyperpigmentation without a worthy mention of this mushroom-derived complexion enhancer. Alongside the likes of azelaic acid, kojic acid has become a staple in the production of skin lightening products but is often limited in concentration as it is very potent and may cause complications if overused. You will find a kojic acid-based soap or cream useful in removing the dark skin around your waist. It is recommended, however, that you use this only at night.

Home Remedies

You can treat your dark waistline within the comfort of your home, and using the most accessible ingredients at your disposal. Lemon juice, potato juice and aloe vera are commonly used for spot treatments and they are all proven to be very effective.

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