So, you want to know that how to remove nail polish stain from clothes? You are at the right place, Keep reading to know more.

It is pretty upsetting to have nail polish smear your clothes during a manicure, but don’t fret, you can get that ugly stain off your clothes in a matter of minutes and they will be as good as new. Most nail polish stains are accidental, so it’s usually only a small batch you have to take out.

The only variable at play when removing nail polish stains is the fabric type of the clothes stained. What material is the cloth stained made from? Is it washable or non-washable clothes? You will find out to rid both types of cloths of nasty polish stains.

A quick tip is to get rid of the stain as soon as it happens. The sooner you do that, the easier it is to get the stain out.

1. Nail Polish Remover

The fastest nail polish remover you can use is one that is acetone-based. It is a powerful solvent and your best bet to getting the entire stain off. You will also need a blunt object (a spoon will suffice) and a small cloth of pad.

For washable clothes such as cotton, nylon, polyester and linen, here are the steps to remove even the toughest nail polish stain without hassles:

  • Scrape off the surface with the spoon: This is to reduce the size of the stain as much as possible, and this should be done using the spoon or any other blunt object, Avoid using pointy objects such as knives to prevent accidentally boring a hole in your fabric or tearing it by over-scraping.
  • Spot-test the acetone nail polish remover: This is to ensure that your fabric won’t lose its color after getting the acetone remover on it. Take a small, obscure part of the fabric and test a few drops of the acetone nail polish remover on it. If your fabric can take it, proceed to the next step. If not, you can try other solvents that will be discussed subsequently.
  • Wet the pad or small cloth with acetone nail polish remover and wipe off the stain gently. Remember, do not overwipe the surface as this will damage the cloth’s fibers; just dab on.

Non-washable clothes are more delicate and may not be able to handle astringent removers like acetone. Wool, silk rayon and acrylic clothes are in this category, but you can totally get nail polish stains off them as well. You will need the same tools as was listed for washable clothes, but replace acetone remover with coconut oil, It’ll act as a dry-cleaning solvent and rid your fabric of the nail polish stain if you follow these steps:

  • Scrape off the stain with a spoon: This is similar to what you do with washable clothes but gentler. Non-washable clothes are more easily damaged.
  • Apply the coconut oil: This should be done with special attention on the stained area only. Soak the spot gently with coconut oil and let it sit for a while to absorb.
  • Dab with the cloth or pad: Do this until all the oil is blotted out, and the nail polish stain with it.

You can also use regular nail polish removers to take out the stain if it isn’t too old and dried up.

2. Washing

If the nail polish stain is very fresh and you can access some good old detergent and warm water, you can get that stain off your clothes in a moment. This is suitable only for washable clothes. If your clothes are delicate, consider hiring professional services.

The option of washing may not be effective for old nail polish stains.

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