Are you looking for ideas on how to style kurti with jeans? You are at the right place. Keep reading to know more.

The Kurti is an embodiment of Indian fashion. There is no particular way to describe its nature as there are loads and loads of different forms a Kurti can take. In the past, they were predominantly worn by men, but over time the women of the subcontinent have adopted them as their own, making them among the most widely worn traditional garments in India.

One of the major perks of putting on a Kurti is how easy it is to wear. And with the ever-increasing influence of western culture, you can infuse both sides of the cultural spectrum into your everyday style. Dealing with cultural fusion in any capacity is often a task, and fashion is no different. As a guide, here are five ways to style a Kurti with jeans.

1. Angarkha Kurti With Jeans

The angarkha has been around for a very long time. Then came the kurtas, then the Kurtis, and finally the angarkha Kurtis. It is a very commonly worn garment on the Indian subcontinent. Worn with a pair of plain jeans, it portrays a much-appreciated mix of simplicity and elegance. Kurtis in general are known for their comfort, and nothing better embodies this comfort than a patterned angarkha with monochromatic jeans and equally comfortable footwear.

2. Front Slit Kurti with Jeans

A friendly twist to the usual style Kurti top, the front slit Kurti is an interesting alternative. Styled together with jeans, you have the quasi-traditional equivalent of a crop top type summer outfit.

This Kurti is best made from glowy materials like chiffon and silk to accentuate the entire style. The beauty of this look can be greatly appreciated with the addition of the right accessories.

3. Long Kurti with Ripped Jeans

Another summer-friendly combination for those who dare to dabble in the Long Kurti paired with ripped jeans.

A cotton fabricated Kurti is the most breathable kind, properly complementing the summer vibe you want. In terms of footwear, anything from slippers to flats or sneakers is a good enough fit to complete this outfit. Accessories used with this outfit are occasion dependent.

4. Side Slit Kurti with Jeans

The side slit Kurti is always packs a punch. They are basically long Kurtis with slits on either side that extend up to the waist. By design, the side slit Kurti shows off the curved of the wearer in its full capacity. This freedom from waist down also allows for ease of movement in the fit.

As with most of the others on this list, plain jeans are the way to go when styling this outfit. Also on par with the majority, your choices in footwear and accessories are entirely up to you as the simplicity of the outfit allows you the freedom to choose.

5. Tail Kurti Top with Jeans

Last on the list is the long-tail Kurti. In some other cultures, the tail Kurti can be worn as just a singular item, a makeshift gown. But staying true to style, you can match these up with a pair of monochromatic jeans.

The long tail Kurti can come with a slit or two so you can style it up the same way you will either of the slit options above.

In conclusion, giving your favourite Kurti a more urban look is something anyone can want to do and there are loads of different ways to do so. Pretty much every Kurti you’ll find can in some way match up with a pair of jeans. Nonetheless, what’s most important is selecting a style choice that works best for YOU.

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